We Can’t Be Silent

Most of my blogs are about instructional strategies, lesson ideas or useful educational tools. I try to keep my blogs helpful and filled with practical real-life examples that you can start using immediately.

However, the reality is that the most important part of our job as educators does not involve instructional strategies or the latest educational technology. The heart of teaching is relationships. Our job before anything else is to love, protect and fight for all of our students.

The violent, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist rally that took place this past weekend showed us that this alt-right populist movement isn’t going away, and is growing in numbers and violence. Please read the blog: My Fellow White Americans – Blog.


In response to the events, Melinda D. Anderson (@mdawriter on Twitter), contributing writer for The Atlantic created the #CharlottesvilleCurriculum on Twitter to collect resources devoted to antiracist education. Today, I became inspired by her hashtag to create a shared Google Doc that curates the antiracist educational resources being shared (with her permission). It is completely editable, and anyone who has the link can add resources. The purpose of this is to support and curate resources for educators engaged in anti-racist teaching. Here is the link to the Google Doc: Charlottesville.  This Google Doc has been shared on Twitter and Facebook, and many educators are contributing very insightful and helpful resources. I hope you will consider sharing and adding  your voice. We can’t be silent on these issues if we want to love and protect our students.




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